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The new poster of “Wish I Was Here” is here featuring all the characters and of course Ashley is in it, but you may not recognize her because she is in costume of white bear behind Kate Hudson. Ashley is playing a young woman into Cosplay. Her role is quite small. Check out the new poster!

thumb_wiwh_01.jpg (110×120) nopic nopic nopic nopic

GALLERY LINK; Movies Productions > Wish I Was Here > Official Posters

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Here is a new amazing video for Oakley with Ashley sharing what drives her to stay fit and get it after every day, she also shows us some of the exercises she loves to do. Enjoy!

thumb_oakley_001.jpg (110×120) thumb_oakley_008.jpg (110×120) thumb_oakley_019.jpg (110×120) thumb_oakley_029.jpg (110×120) thumb_oakley_038.jpg (110×120)

Campaigns & Advertisements > Oakley Women > Captures #1

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Ashley attended the Oakley Brand Immersion Event in Hollywood today and she looked gorgeous. I have added to the gallery some pictures. Enjoy!

thumb_4a0cec80b9cf11e39f3a0e14efcd3e69_8.jpg (110×120) thumb_8d3d34a8b9d711e38a3712f5df62fd43_8.jpg (110×120) thumb_e0720156b9ca11e3a08e12e91b67ee2b_8.jpg (110×120) thumb_671175e8b9d011e3b90d121d6df4beab_8.jpg (110×120) thumb_BkKYrPmCQAAbF2Z.jpg (110×120)

Public Appearances > 2014 > April 1 – 2014 Oakley Brand Immersion Event In Hollywood


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Ashley posted today a new picture on Instagram of her with Paul’s dog Indy. They are on their way for a road trip. Check it out below!

ashleygreene: Road trip with Indy and @paulkhoury


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I have added to the gallery a new fan picture of Ashley from the set of ‘The Shangri-La Suite’ yesterday. Thanks to kendallrainmusic.

Movies Productions > The Shangri-La Suite > Behind The Scenes

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Thanks to Twilight Italian Moms we now have some Lucky outtakes of Ashley from back in 2012 in better, bigger quality. Check them out!

thumb_1~1.jpg (110×120) thumb_63408233f.jpg (110×120) thumb_000_28429.jpg (110×120) thumb_000_28129.jpg (110×120) thumb_Ashley-Greene-04.jpg (110×120)

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Hi, everyone. I have re-added to the gallery better captures of Ashley in ‘New Moon’ (2009) and also I’ve made captures of ‘CBGB’ (2013). We will have better captures of ‘Summer’s Blood’ and ‘Skateland’, soon. Enjoy!

thumb_PDVD_019.jpg (110×120) thumb_PDVD_243.jpg (110×120) thumb_PDVD_350.jpg (110×120) thumb_PDVD_858.jpg (110×120) thumb_PDVD_935.jpg (110×120)

thumb_cbgbcaps__28729.jpg (110×120) thumb_cbgbcaps__282829.jpg (110×120) thumb_cbgbcaps__2814529.jpg (110×120) thumb_cbgbcaps__2817829.jpg (110×120) thumb_cbgbcaps__2826029.jpg (110×120)

Movies Productions > The Twilight Saga: New Moon > Movie Captures
Movies Productions CBGB > Movie Captures

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Ashley attended The Hollywood Reporter & Jimmy Choo’s Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon with her stylist Cristina Ehrlich who was honored, today. Enjoy!

EDIT: I have updated some pictures with HQ ones. Enjoy!

thumb_Ashley_Greene_Cristina_Ehrlich_a_p.jpg (110×120) thumb_ash__28129.jpg (110×120) thumb_ash__28729.jpg (110×120) thumb_ash__281829.jpg (110×120) thumb_ash__281229.jpg (110×120)

Public Appearances > 2014 > March 12 – The Hollywood Reporter & Jimmy Choo Celebrate The Most Powerful Stylists In Hollywood

A very brief interview:

They were all powwowing at the annual lunch convened by The Hollywood Reporter to honor the influential stylists, this year sponsored by Jimmy Choo. Greene couldn’t remember how many years she had been working with Ehrlich (they guessed it has been almost five). “I go by movies, and it started when I did ‘Sherlock Holmes,’” Greene said.


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