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Thanks to Dylan WilsonAnnika and Janay Kingsberry for these first photos of Ashley on the set of her new movie “CBGB” along Alan Rickman in Savannah, GA, on June 29th. What do you think?! Enjoy!

48991110c23911e1af7612313813f8e8_7.jpg Awmc4W-CAAECAea.jpg AwmmpvKCAAAjO_l.png AwmgUWQCQAAJUSZ.jpg AwmoJ_tCEAEiJHo.png

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DKNY’s Fall 2012 ad campaign documenting an uber-stylish girl-about-town’s adventures in the city that never sleeps. Twilight actress Ashley Greene, who’s been the face of the brand for a few seasons now, stars in the Peter Lindbergh-lensed campaign. The ads, which took her all over NYC–from TriBeCa to Battery Park to the Upper East Side–show her looking chic and urban; the ultimate sophisticated city girl.

We chatted with Ashley about shooting the campaign, working with Peter Lindbergh, and how modeling stacks up to acting (hint: Greene says acting is “more involved”). Click through to see what she had to say.

Fashionista: What was it like to shoot this campaign?
Ashley Greene: It was my first time shooting with Peter Lindbergh and we instantly clicked. He’s legendary, so I was humbled to have the opportunity to work with him on this campaign. It was freezing and raining, but Peter has this contagious, passionate energy that kept the shoot fun and exciting.

How is modeling different from acting? Do you approach it the same way?
Doing an ad campaign shoot or magazine publicity shoot is very different from acting. With photo shoots, I arrive, play dress-up and have fun with the fashion. With acting, I do an immense amount of prep work beforehand on the character, the scripts, just tons of research. Acting is a much more involved process. I love the creativity in both worlds, but in different ways.

What was it like shooting on the streets of New York?
It was great! New York is such a fast-paced, exciting city. Shooting amidst all of that is energizing. New York is a fashion mecca and I love the sense of individuality and creativity there.

Are you a girl on the go? How do you stay organized?
I keep a very detailed schedule. I love what I do and thrive on that fast-paced lifestyle. I feel lucky to be working so much because in the beginning it definitely wasn’t like this!

What’s your favorite spot in New York?
My favorite place in New York these days is Central Park in the summer. I’m currently in Savannah filming a movie called CBGB, but before I left, I’d go to the park to do work and let my dogs run around.


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I have captured the 2 new behind the scenes videos of Ashley from DKNY & DKNY Jeans Fall 2012 Ad Campaign. You can find them in our gallery and also you can see the videos on youtube. Enjoy!!

DKNY_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000005088.jpg DKNY_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000011094.jpg DKNY_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000015432.jpg DKNY_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000018101.jpg DKNY_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000026109.jpg

DKNY_JEANS_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000002669.jpg DKNY_JEANS_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000009676.jpg DKNY_JEANS_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000014347.jpg DKNY_JEANS_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000018685.jpg DKNY_JEANS_Fall_2012_Campaign_Video_mp4_000022022.jpg

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Photoshoots > Campaigns & Advertisements > DKNY > DKNY Jeans > Captures: Behind The Scenes [Fall 2012]

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Thanks to for the new gorgeous big outtakes of Ashley for DKNY Fall 2012 Ad Campaign. Enjoy!!

aa2c36c6-18ab-48c0-8321-5a2065cb51b4.jpg a8ec8497-37af-4d9c-adf6-b3412d27cb23.jpg a5db29d6-5c65-4552-8db8-719511ebd86d.jpg b28ca968-5a65-497f-a5b4-a72ec6cd5b39.jpg bceaeaed-b207-4c62-b0fb-c37f0ad78953.jpg

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You can watch the behind-the-scenes videos of DKNY Fall 2012 & DKNY Jeans with Ashley on Check them out now!!

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I have added to the gallery one outtake of Ashley from the DKNY Fall 2012 Ad Campaign. You can check the adverts here. Ashley looks stunning. Enjoy!!

EDIT: Added More

elle-ashley-greene-in-dkyn-ad-mdn.jpg ashley-greene-dkny-1.jpg ashley-greene-dkny-3.jpg nopic.png (90×110) nopic.png (90×110)

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dknyprgirl posted a new photo of Ashley advertising the DKNY Fall 2012 Campaign. More to come later today. Enjoy!!

EDIT: More Added

1280~1.jpg ashleygreene-dkny.jpg 28-dkny.jpg 60po1_1280.jpg 1340893351_ashley-greene-article.jpg

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check out the full photo in our gallery

Check out Ashley Greene in DKNY‘s Fall 2012 ad campaign! got an exclusive sneak peek of the 25-year-old actress posing for photographer Peter Lindbergh before the pics hit magazines this August.

The inspiration for the shoot? “Fall 2012 is a collection made for a true city girl who has places to go and people to see. Sweet and strong, pretty and tough, smart and street, this season’s campaign voyeuristically and strikingly documents a slice of Ashley Greene’s life in the city,” according to the brand.

Ashley hit NYC’s 5th Avenue, 75th Street, Battery Park, and Tribeca for the Fall photos. Last season, she posed on the roof of the Waldorf Astoria.

For more of Ashley‘s ad campaign, check out later this evening!


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